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Top 3 Common Fat Loss / Weight Loss Mistakes

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Top 3 Common

Fat Loss / Weight Loss Mistakes

1. Too Much Cardio

Yes, you read it right. Jogging, cycling, aerobic, etc are cardio exercises. These exercise pump up your heart during the exercise and make you sweat like crazy, but after it is finished, you feel nothing but just plain tired.

This is because calories are burnt ONLY when you are actively doing the cardio exercise, but once you stop, the burning stops. By only doing cardio in a long term, your weight loss will become plateau and you might end up being skinny fat a.k.a. slim down without body shape.


This happens because too much cardio burns our muscle and the sweat are just water expended out from our body. As a conclusion, your weight loss is just water weight and your calories burnt ard mostly from muscles not your actual fat tissues! (Keep scrolling down for solution!) 

2. You're eating too little!

To lose fat / weight doesn’t mean you are not allowed to eat, but to eat right!


Our human body has its own mechanism to make sure our system runs well. We as human beings need to burn certain amount of calories to run our daily routine.


Just imagine, If you suddenly bring down your calories intake drastically, your body will be “shocked” and thinks that you will soon be starving and thus starts storing fat in case “famine” comes in. If this is the situation, don’t you think the more food you cut from your diet, the more fat you retain?? Your body is an auto survival machine!

3. You are looking for a quick solution

The most sustainable fat loss journey is the one that suits your lifestyle. In this way, you wouldn’t feel too hard and give up too quickly – end up jumping from one way and another yet see no end.


The most common action when it comes to weight loss would be – NO sugar, NO rice, NO fast food, ONLY steam chicken and broccoli and all the bland stuff that don’t stir up your appetite. Next would be EXTREME workout, daily HIIT, jogging, cycling, skipping rope, etc.  Can you lose weight FAST like this? Or maybe you would try some products that promise you to drop 3kg in 1 week? Yes, these methods WILL make you lose weight, and perhaps look a bit slimmer from before. BUT, once you get back to your normal lifestyle, start yamcha with friends at mamak, eating our all time favourite Malaysian Food – nasi lemak, roti canai….. (who could resist that??) Well,  hate to tell you this, but it will all come back!


We would like to tell you that extreme methods are not sustainable and mostly not healthy for your body. Fat loss / weight loss is just a part of our life journey, HEALTH is what walks the path with us down the road. We only have ONE body, ONE set of organs to use from age 0 till the end. Please don’t spoil it just for quick temporary solution, because the sickness that comes along in future will be even more unbearable!


What is the RIGHT WAY?

We are glad that you are here as we at R2 Fitness would like to coach & educate our friends about the healthy way of fat loss and weight loss. To lose fat once and for all, is not difficult, as long as it is the right combination of workout and some little changes, we can turn our body to a FAT BURNING MACHINE! In this way, we can still occasionally enjoy our favourite food or dessert or even fast food without guilt! Let’s not sacrifice our social life and health just for our body shape.

To make things easy for our friends who wants to step on this weight loss journey, our team has curated a plan that includes the items below:


1 on 1 Online Personal Training Session

Using video call by Whatsapp / Facebook / Zoom, we can coach you to make sure your movements are accurate and customise the exercise according to your body needs.


Special Body Toning Program

Our workout program is specially programmed towards maximizing fat loss and body toning effect. 


Starter Pack Right to Your Doorstep

We have prepared a starter pack that includes a caliper to measure body fat, a measurement tape, a set of mysterious workout equipment, a logbook and a phone stand.


R2 Fitness


24/7 Coaching System Access

Our coaching system is complete with daily workout that you can follow, additional health information for sharing and simple healthy eating recipes!


Weekly Zoom Meeting with Master Trainer

A chance for direct Q&A with our Master Trainer to clear any doubts regarding your training or dieting progress.

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-26 at 9.03.01 PM.

The fat loss journey is always easier with group support

Our Master Trainer, Jojo Teh, has more than 10 years of fitness experience and have helped over 1200 clients to achieve their fitness results. Throughout these years she has gained experience in various clients and able to know the exact way on how to go through a fat loss journey! 

Our team of coaches are also experienced especially with their own fitness journey to walk you through and achieve results together!

But.. This plan is not for everyone!

You need to:

  • Want to lose fat and tone up your body

  • Looking for a healthy way for sustainable results

  • Want to make your body a fat burning machine!

  • Able to follow through the program

  • Able to make time for 3 workout per week (about an hour each)

  • Willing to make small changes in lifestyle




​Let's get you started now!

30 days Fat Loss Program

Price: RM 299

(MCO promo - buy 1 free 1) share with your friend, send as a gift to your family or use it for your 2nd month!


The program includes:

* 12 workout training (4 times 1 on 1 video training, 8 times assignment workout)

* Starter pack to your doorstep (include shipping, for Malaysia customers only)

* Weekly zoom meeting to review progress and Q&A

* 24/7 access to our video library system for additional learning.

* Price is cheaper than your daily Starbucks order!